The website for The Stanford Center on Longevity states that those in the United States are likely to live to age 90+. Modern Medicine is a two-edged sword : We are living longer, yet what is the quality of Life as we age, and who is taking care of us, especially if we are single ?

Fact : It is likely that you or a loved one will need some form of Home Care or Long Term Care in your Lifetime. The probability of becoming incapable of doing at least two Activities of Daily Living, or becoming cognitively impaired, is 68% for those age 65 and older. Sixty Eight percent !

What happens when you cannot care for yourself, or for others, because you cannot perform at least two of the six Activities of Daily Living ? Medicare is not the answer, because Medicare does not pay for chronic illness : Neither Home Care, nor Long Term Care in a facility. Medicare does not cover 24-hour-a-day care at home, meals delivered to the home, homemaker services (shopping, cleaning, laundry, etc.) or personal care (bathing, dressing, etc.).

Who will care for you, and who will care for your loved ones if you become ill ?

Many of you are Caregivers for your parents, a spouse, a relative, or a special needs child. I cared for both my parents in my home until their passing. Caregiving is a blessing, but also demanding in many ways.

Here are three good resources for Caregivers :

Taking care of a loved one is rewarding, and yet challenging. The responsibilities can impact your health, family, job, finances and personal freedom. To ensure the best for you and your loved ones, create a “ Caregiving Plan ” in advance. Like hurricane preparedness, hopefully you won’t need to implement this plan. But if you ever do need this plan, having it properly and legally documented in advance will serve you and your loved ones well.

This Caregiving Plan will provide a written checklist for you to discuss important issues with loved ones while they are still physically capable and mentally competent : all the “ What Ifs” that may unfold in the future. Estate Planning and final arrangements should also be included as part of a comprehensive plan.

No one enjoys this task, and most people avoid it until it is too late. In my 40 Year career, I have been involved in many situations where people became incapacitated or died, and left behind disarray, litigation, and expenses … instead of clarity and a Legacy. This Caregiving and Estate Plan is the classic “ Ounce of Prevention versus Pound of Cure ”. Set aside time to thoughtfully address these issues and speak with me. Somewhere down the road, you will be glad that you did, and so will your loved ones.

I am a Fiduciary and Certified Estate Planner ™. I can help you with Wills, Trusts, Powers of Attorney, Health Care Directives, and Final Expenses. I am also versed in Medicare, Long Term Care, and Home Health Care plans. Unless a person truly needs 24 hour skilled nursing, most care is given in the Home, where people are the happiest, and live longer. Home Care is the future of Long Term Care.


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