As you prepare to Retire, you are about to make some of the most significant and consequential financial decisions of your entire Life.

Whether it be Social Security, Medicare, or where to invest your DROP Lump Sum … these decisions will be with you for the rest of Your Life, literally.

I am a Fiduciary, so Rule # 1 for me is : “ Don’t Lose A Client’s Money ! ”

After 40 Years of working with Retirees, it has been my experience that Retirement is all about Peace of Mind. You want to enjoy and spend your Money, not worry about it.

Because Money Stress can be devastating, both financially as well as psychologically.

In Retirement, you want financial security, stability, and predictability.

I believe that Job # 1 for You and your Advisor is to NOT LOSE YOUR PRINCIPAL late in Your Life!

A person has the luxury of time to recover from Market Losses early in Life.

But losing money in Retirement can wreak havoc with your financial and emotional well-being.

For my Clients, I believe that A Happy Retirement is where you no longer worry about Your Money.

You just know that Your Money is safe, and that you have enough to last your entire Lifetime.

That’s it. You don’t stress about your Money.

You just go spend and enjoy it.

We spend all of our lives working for, and stressing about, Money.

We work and scrimp and save so that we can get to “ Our Golden Years ” and be comfortable.

So when you are near or in Retirement, it is Too Late in Life for you to Lose Money, because …

Do not under-estimate how stressful and consequential it is to lose Money in Retirement.

After 37 Years in Financial Services, I have seen the damage to people who lose money late in their lives.

How are you going to recoup your losses ?

Go back to work ? If you can even find work at that age, and your body can handle it ?

Cut back on spending and traveling and having Fun ?

Make Do with Less ?

Scrimp and Save to offset your losses ?

Wait, worry, hope and pray for the Markets to recover ?

Is your Retirement strategy going to be :
“ Hang in there ”, “ Ride it out ”, “ Wait for the Markets to recover “ ?

But wait and worry for how long ?

And what if you cannot wait because you must take out your IRA Required Minimum Distribution …  Exactly when the Markets are down, forcing you to “ Sell Low ” ?

Losing Money stinks at any age.

But Losing Money in Retirement can affect your entire Standard of Living and State of Mind.

Bottom Line : It’s easy for others to take Risks with your Money.

Brokers, Relatives, Friends, etc. are happy to give you advice … because it’s not their money at risk.

But ask them if they are going to compensate you if you lose money ?

So be careful before you invest your DROP Lump Sum in The Risk Markets.

Because Losing Money Late in Life, in Retirement, can change your entire Life for the worse, and fast.

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With 40 Years of Knowledge in Financial Services,
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It is Too Late in Your Life to make Money Mistakes !


Be A Good Steward of Your Money.

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Fraser Allport is a Fiduciary, an Investment Advisor,
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  • Fraser can help you with the very first steps that you must take to exit your DROP.
  • Fraser can help you meet the dates and deadlines for filing your DROP Exit forms.
  • Fraser can help you determine what forms are needed, and help you complete them.
  • Fraser can help you with choices for wisely investing your DROP Rollover money.
  • Fraser can help you optimize your un-used DROP Sick Days and Vacation Days.
  • Fraser can help you maximize your Social Security benefits for you and also for your Spouse. Note: Social Security decisions are irrevocable after 12 months.
  • Fraser can help you with your Health Insurance, Medicare, Medicare Supplements Home and Long Term Care choices. Most Long-Term Care occurs in your Home.
  • Fraser can help you coordinate your Retirement Plans with your Spouse’s Retirement Plans. You and your Spouse want to be in synch about Retirement.
  • Fraser can help you reduce your Income Taxes in Retirement. This may save you a lot of money over the rest of your Life. Don’t over-pay your Income Taxes. What a waste of Money.
  • Fraser can help you with your Estate and Legacy Planning. Fraser is a Certified Estate Planner™. Leave A Legacy, not A Mess. This is a moral as well as a Financial responsibility.
  • Fraser can help you Get Your House In Order with Wills, Trusts, Powers of Attorney, A Living Will, Health Care Directives, Final Expenses, etc.
  • Fraser can help you with a Home Health Care Plan, customized for you. Act now, while your health still qualifies. Home Health Care is the future of Long Term Care.


Your DROP Plan is your Retirement Nest Egg.
Safeguard it by getting Smart with your Money.


Remember the two Golden Rules of Investing:

1) Don’t Go It Alone. Seek out Professional help.
2) It’s Never Too Early to Plan for Retirement.


These are Big Decisions for You ... with really Big Consequences.


As You Retire, You are about to make some of the most important
financial decisions of Your entire Life :

Social Security
Estate Planning
What to do with Your DROP Lump Sum


Be Smart with Your Money, because it’s Your Nest Egg.
Your Retirement is at stake here. These are Lifetime decisions.


Prepare for Retirement ...
and prepare for Longevity.


Because of his Knowledge and Experience for 40 Years ...

Fraser Allport is ... " The Total Advisor™ "

Be Smart with Your Money. Make certain you are


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