Living Longer...Paying More...Getting Less...Uh Oh

What does Retirement look like in Our Lifetime ?

• Living Longer

According to Stanford University … This generation of Retirees needs to plan for possibly living 30 Years in Retirement. That’s Us.

THIRTY Years in Retirement ? !

I am age 61. I guess that makes me a Youngster.

For most of us, 30 Years means that about one-thrid of Our Life is still ahead of us.


That’s a lot of living, and spending, yet to do.

That’s also a lot of nuts to squirrel away too.

Please see :

It’s a real wake-up call about the necessity of planning for Longevity in Retirement.

The Worst Time to Run Out of Money is Late in Life … when You have no time to recover or – Perish The Thought : Go back to work.

How do you avoid running out of money late in Life ?

You need a Plan. A written Plan.

A bona fide Plan. Not one in your head or hopes. But on paper.

As Lawyer’s say … “ If it isn’t written down … it doesn’t exist. “

• Paying More

Who expects anything to be less expensive in the years to come, especially Medical Expenses ?

It’s simple : Expect everything to cost more in Retirement.

What else would you expect ? !

Also, how do you deal with Inflation and Out of Pocket Medical Expenses in Retirement ?

Inflation erodes your purchasing power …
but it’s the Medical Bills in USA today that will kill you.

And have you allocated a cash reserve fund for your inevitable Out of Pocket Medical Expenses ?

Be smart, involved and proactive about Your Money.
Be a steward of Your Money.

Get a GPS for your Finances.
A Financial Compass, because Your Retirement needs direction.

Imagine driving around with no compass or fuel gauge.
How could you possibly plan a trip ?

So how can you possibly plan your retirement if you don’t have a “ map ” of all your finances ?

One of the many ways to deal with Inflation is to start by writing down all of your numbers :

Assets, Income vs. Expenses, Cash for Emergencies,
Medical Expenses, Travel, Fun Money, etc.

It’s Your Money, Your Retirement, and Your future
Standard of Living at stake here.

No One can care more about Your Money than You.

For 39 Years I have cared about My Clients.
But I can’t care more than You do.

And since I do not have your phone number …

You need to call me if you want to start planning for Your Future.

I offer a Complimentary Consultation.
Your call. Literally. 386.882.6256 – 1-8 pm, EST.

• Getting Less

Proposed cuts to Medicare and Social Security are in Congress at this very moment.

If you are unaware of this, just go online and do a Search for
“ Medicare and Social Security Cuts ”.

Check out this Online link :
None of this is my opinion. These are Facts.

The problem has been brewing for years.

No matter who is governing today or tomorrow …
The U.S. Government is running out of money.

You can only run huge deficits for so long.
And now COVID has blown another huge hole in the Federal Deficit.

We all read about the ballooning U.S. Deficit.

It will only get bigger, making it harder to fund Medicare and Social Security.

Regardless of promises, politics, and pandering …
everybody knows The Truth.

The handwriting is on the wall for both Medicare and Social Security.

The Facts portend that all of us are going to be Getting Less from Medicare and Social Security in the future.

That’s a Government Guarantee you can count on.

The debts and demographics are already baked in the cake, and add up to one Ugly Fact :

Get Ready To Get Less

You already know this. You read the same news and facts as I do.

It’s Common Sense and basic math :
“ Paying Out more than Taking In ” is unsustainable.

I am age 60, and in the same boat as you.
I am talking to myself here as well as You.

All of us are going to Get Less than we expected and were Promised.

The U.S. Government is going to move The Goalposts on us.
And Congress has already started.

Eventually, when the reckoning comes …
Congress will have no Good News for us Seniors.

Inevitably, The Cuts will someday come.
And the un-prepared will be, well … un-prepared.

Your Social Security check will decrease … and your Out of Pocket Medical Costs will increase.

Ugghh !
That’s two bitter pills to swallow in our “ Golden Years ”.

In Life, preparation is often the difference between Success and Failure.

Prepare Now.
Not one or two months before you exit The DROP.

Would you give yourself one or two months to plan a wedding ?

What are You going to do if you come up short in Retirement ?

Go back to work ? Cut back on Medicines, Travel, Food, and Fun ?

How do you plan for lower benefits from The U.S. Government ?

The Answer is to Prepare Yourself now.

Expect The Cuts, sooner versus later, and Plan for them.

Or else your Standard of Living will suffer in Retirement.

And so will You.

• Planning is a verb.

You need to be proactive and informed about your Money.

Many of you are Teachers.

What do you always tell your Students ?
Do Your Homework.

If You Get Smart about Your Money, You will have more of it.
And less Money Stress too.

Money Stress is a killer, especially late in Life, just when You don’t need stress and scrimping.

• You only retire from DROP once.

It’s imperative that You Get Your DROP Retirement Right.

Your future Standard of Living depends on Getting It Right.

Retirement Planning requires that You do something about your finances.

Not tomorrow.
Today. Right Now.

Every day lost to procrastination … does not come back.

Time is Money, and Time does not come back, so every day that you do nothing to prepare for Your Retirement … hurts You.

Because if You don’t prepare now for Your Retirement …
You’re not going to have one.

Straight Talk from a 38 Year veteran who has seen …
“ What Happens when People don’t Plan. ”

• Don’t shoot The Messenger.

I have succeeded in Financial Services for 40 Years by telling people what they need to hear.

I am always patient, polite and professional, but I tell it straight.

Everybody wants “ The Truth ” …
but then they don’t want to hear and heed it when it comes.

This is not Chicken Little.

This is What’s Coming.

It’s in the news daily :

The U.S. Government’s deficits are going to come home to roost in Our Lifetime.

The Money simply won’t be there to pay Social Security and Medicare at current levels and ages.

So Get Ready To Get Less.

And Get Prepared for it.

Or else Your Retirement may be not be so Golden.

You are about to make the most significant financial decisions of Your Life.
So think on this :

One does not choose an Advisor because the Advisor buys them a meal or is nearby.

You choose an Advisor because of their Experience, and Expertise in the DROP.


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As a Fiduciary, my # 1 Job is to prepare you for Retirement
by protecting your Principal and Your Future Standard of Living.

For 40 Years … My role has been to be The Good Shepherd of Your Money.
I am a Fiduciary and The Owner. Ethically and Legally, I take that very seriously.

Regardless of when you exit DROP …

Call me at 386.882.6256 for a Complimentary Consultation if you
are serious about your Retirement, and want to start planning ahead now.

Because It’s Never Too Early to start Planning for Your Retirement.

Forewarned is Forearmed.

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Your DROP Plan is your Retirement Nest Egg.
Safeguard it by getting Smart with your Money.


Remember the two Golden Rules of Investing:

1) Don’t Go It Alone. Seek out Professional help.
2) It’s Never Too Early to Plan for Retirement.


These are Big Decisions for You ... with really Big Consequences.


As You Retire, You are about to make some of the most important
financial decisions of Your entire Life :

Social Security
Estate Planning
What to do with Your DROP Lump Sum


Be Smart with Your Money, because it’s Your Nest Egg.
Your Retirement is at stake here. These are Lifetime decisions.


Prepare for Retirement ...
and prepare for Longevity.


Because of his Knowledge and Experience for 40 Years ...

Fraser Allport is ... " The Total Advisor™ "

Be Smart with Your Money. Make certain you are


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